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Stamped concrete has become a popular choice for Seattle homeowners. First, stamping adds a structural design element to your already durable concrete ground. Using stamps by your mason or concrete contractor, designs such as brick, tile, and stone shapes can be made into your concrete. Due to these shapes, stamped concrete flooring in Seattle is typically seen outdoor and will be used for patios, driveways, around your garden, or swimming pool. You have surely seen examples of these around the Seattle suburbs such as Bellevue and Redmond! They can also be used for concrete walls and concrete countertops.

This picture shows beautiful stamped concrete in Seattle. Brown color with design appears stone but is stamped concrete.If you live in Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Kirkland, Redmond, Kent, Seatac, or nearby cities, give us a call to start your stamped concrete Seattle project today. 

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Stamped Concrete Benefits

Why We Love Install Stamped Concrete in Seattle

The benefits of having stamped concrete in Seattle does not necessarily come with the actual stamping, but with all the benefits that concrete flooring provides.

Reason #1: Concrete is very cost-effective
Concrete as a flooring substance is very durable, cost effective, and lasts a very long time. As your stamped concrete will most likely be outside, minimal maintenance of concrete is an added benefit compared to wood decks and flooring.

Reason #2: Concrete can assume different forms and shapes
Concrete can be molded and shaped to fit any space or floor. There are other design types outside of stamping, including concrete color staining, and polished concrete floors. For more information of the benefits of concrete flooring, you can go to our concrete flooring page.

Reason #3: Easy to add a design to make your floor pop
The stamping element provides added value in design and visual appearance since plain concrete can look very drab and boring. Popular stamping types include brick, tile, and or stone shapes. Shapes can vary in size and design and are not always uniform.

This picture shows stamped concrete in Seattle patio. It is orange/brow color with texture
This picture shows a stamped concrete path in Seattle. The size or the concrete varies and it creates beautiful shape and design

Challenges with Stamped Concrete Floors

Stamped concrete is a very difficult task to do on your own. While laying the foundation and leveling the concrete may be something within your skill set, the layout of the stamps is an acquired talent. Once dried, it is very difficult to repair or change any design aspects to cement flooring. If you make a mistake in the stamping it may be a permanent mistake!

Perfecting stamped concrete is more complicated in Seattle due to the wet and rainy climate. Getting moisture into your finished stamped concrete patio will greatly diminish its lifetimeIf you want assistance with your Seattle stamped concrete project, Concrete Seattle Pros can help you from start to finish. Let us know what you want for your free quote today.

Stamped Concrete Process

1. Flooring Layout: Planning the concrete layout is very important if done outdoors as there will not be predefined walls for the concrete to set in. The formation and reinforcement of the formation will ensure that the shape of the flooring will remain consistent to how it is desired. The proper slope for water drainage must be planned in this stage.

2. Laying Concrete: The concrete is placed in the forms.

3. Leveling Concrete: After the concrete is placed down, it must be leveled immediately since concrete dries quickly. The leveling also ensures that that the concrete is flat or sloped as desired for the design. Concrete leveling is also called concrete screeding.

4. Coloring: Depending on desired finished design of the concrete, color may be essential. For example if the flooring is going to be stamped to mimic stone, a whitish or black color may be desired. For brick stamps, red could be a desired color. There are many ways that stamped concrete can be colored depending on the actual color and finished texture desired.

5. Stamping Concrete: The design of the stamps will be mapped out before stamping. It is important to stamp while the concrete is still drying or stamping can not occur.

6. Curing: Curing increases the density of the concrete, which will make it more durable and strong. This is very important for exterior concrete flooring because of the abuse Mother Nature gives in the form of wind, rain, and snow.

7. Joint Installation: Joints are installed into the concrete flooring in the effort to minimize any cracks. Cracks are difficult to prevent overall because of ground shifting, temperature changes during the day and night, and other weather effects. If cracking does occur however, it is more likely to happen near or at the joint rather than right in the middle of the design.

8. Sealing: The final step is to seal off the concrete to close all pores with sealer. The sealer will prevent dirt and moisture from coming into the concrete and it can also give the finished product a shine or sheer to it for the design.

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