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Concrete staining is a very hip and trendy way to turn boring concrete Seattle floors into eye-popping designer flooring. Traditional concrete floors are normally only seen in the garage, basement, and patio. They are also often seen in commercial and industrial spaces. Stained concrete floors on the other hand are vibrant and colorful. Rooms not used to concrete floors such as the kitchen or living room may now have stained concrete floors to give a contemporary or modern look. For patterns, look for stamped concrete Seattle designs.

Stained concrete flooring isn’t only limited to residential use. Businesses trying to exude a specific type of personalities such as a pub, brewery, or clothing store to name a few, will benefit greatly from a stained concrete floor, even concrete counters. Most of the 4 and 5-star hotels in Seattle have stained concrete flooring in their lobbies!

Seattle concrete staining involves putting an acid or water-based solution on top of an existing concrete floor. A chemical reaction occurs with the concrete, essentially staining it and permanently changing the color. Concrete is not uniform so the staining is also not uniform. When completed, the stained floor will have a marble-like appearance and every floor will have its own unique stain! Colors can be vibrant and bright or they can be dark. Each color is achieved by using different acid solutions. Call Concrete Seattle Pros for ideas, designs, and free quotes! You will be impressed how beautiful concrete can look!

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this picture shows a patio with beautiful concrete staining in Seattle

Acid vs Water-Based Staining:

Acid-based chemicals are more vibrant while water-based stains more subtle. There are no advantages to the type of stain other than color and design preferences. Contact us to see more sample images from what is seen here so we can help you design your floor upgrade today.

Benefits to Concrete Stained Flooring:

Color Durability – Concrete floors are already durable. Since the staining chemicals seep deep into the pores of the flooring, the color does not change or fade over time. Unlike paint, which can chip, fade, or peel, your stained flooring will last for a very long time.
Artistic Variability – No stained floor will look the same as another and there are also a lot of varieties of staining. Stained concrete floors can even be stained in a way to resemble wood. It can also be stained with different chemicals so the floor is not uniform if desired.

Concrete Staining Process

How we Install Concrete Staining in Seattle

  1. Prepare Flooring for Stain: If any debris or imperfection is caught in the staining, they will actually be visible when completed. The top of the floor can either be ground, a process done with polishing, or extensively cleaned. For brand new concrete floors, the top layer should be cured for several weeks, 21-28 days depending, before any stain be added.
  2. Stain the Floor: The stain is applied to the flooring. Dependent on the number of layers desired, this process can take up to 2 days to dry.
  3. Stain Cleaned and Neutralized: Acid-based stains need to be neutralized while water-based stains do not.
  4. Floor is Sealed: A layer of sealant is added to the finished product to protect the stained floor from damage and future stains. The floor may need additional coatings of sealant in the future depending on how much traffic the floor receives.

The process of staining concrete floor has many steps and is a manually labor-intensive job. While it is possible to do on your own, it is highly recommended to hire a professional to decrease water seepage into your floor or to get a specific design. If you ever notice a crack or damage as time goes by, look for concrete repair or concrete resurfacing and restoration in Seattle, depending on the degree or damage. At Concrete Seattle Pros, we are your experts. Let us help you install or polish your concrete floors today!

this picture shows concrete staining Seattle by our contractors

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