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Have you heard of the seven hills of Seattle? Regardless of which neighborhood you live in Seattle you sure have the hills around you. First Hill, Capitol Hill, Madison Valley, Madrona, Leshi, Central District, Beacon Hill, West Seattle, Wallingford, Phinney Ridge, Mape Leaf, Queen Ann… We could go on and on. Our retaining wall contractors in Seattle work in these areas everyday building retaining walls.


Retaining Wall

If you live in Seattle chances are that you already have a retaining wall as part of your landscape. The purpose of building a retaining wall is to hold the soil intact, prevent it from slide, and prevent erosion. The best way to understand how it works it so think about it as platforms. By adding a wall, you can create one or more levels on your yard.


Why building a Retaining Wall?

The obvious reason to build a retaining wall is safety. Basically by preventing erosion and land sliding. The second reason is to create more living space in your yard. If your entire yard is hilly you can’t really do much there. By adding levels of flat ground we can create relaxing areas. Patios, decks, gardens, for example. The third reasons is the beauty and curb appeal a nice wall will bring to your home. It sure will increase your property value and your satisfaction with your home.

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Retaining Wall Design

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In addition to safety, supporting walls can be decorative as well. Homeowners looking to improve their house curb appeal look for retaining wall design in Seattle. Adding these blocks correctly will create flat spaces and opportunities to add beautiful flowers. If you never thought of it or are skeptical about the potential of retaining walls as far as decoration, look around you the next time you drive. Sammamish and Madrona have beautiful homes with beautiful hardscapes created by stone retaining walls.

Can a retaining wall increase property value?

When it comes to the value of your home there is a factor that is undeniable. That is curb appeal. You may have the most beautiful house inside, but if your outside is outdated and boring, you lost the opportunity to attract a lot of buyers from the start. Regardless of the trends, landscape and hardscape design are timeless. It is known that investments in landscapes can increase property value to up to 15%. Retaining walls are no exception, especially in Seattle where every other home has one.

Retaining Wall Materials

Retaining Wall Block Seattle

The most original retaining wall blocks in Seattle are made from stone. The process is simple. The stones are stacked and you don’t need to use any mortar or filling. This process is also known as “dry wall” or “dry stack”.
The biggest benefit of using stone blocks for retaining walls is that stone blocks allow the water to drain naturally. And talk about rain in Seattle?! It rains about 150 days out of the year here! If you have this stone block wall, the water will not accumulate behind the wall. Thus, this type of wall will likely be subject to less pressure than concrete blocks. In addition to that, the stone blocks are usually heavier than concrete for example. That may also give you an advantage to withstand more pressure, should that occur due to bad weather.

Concrete Retaining Wall

Concrete blocks are the popular material used for retaining wall construction in Seattle. Concrete blocks are affordable and are easier to customize. They can be custom-made for more design options. Those are the two main reasons why many homeowners prefer concrete retaining wall in Seattle. If you pick sturdy blocks, they will also be durable in our weather. Our contractors specialize in concrete retaining walls.

Other Materials

As mentioned before, concrete blocks are the favorite for Seattle retaining walls. There are other options, however. Brick, rocks, flagstone, manufactured blocks or stones, for example. Even metal, tile, ceramic, treated timbers, wood railroad ties. Despite the differences between all the materials you can use for retaining wall construction, the objective remains the same.

Add texture and character to your landscape. Need ideas?

Adding supporting garden blocks will give you the opportunity to create more spaces in your yard. Some people have three levels in their yard. You can make a small patio, a garden, or even add a pool if it is a big space. Some people play with the materials to be different, such as using stained concrete or stamped concrete even. When done correctly any block can be used to create beautiful hardscapes. Ignite your creativity. And if you are out of ideas, be sure to ask us! We have been around for a while and chances are that we have build some of the retaining walls you care looking at for ideas. Our design and quotes are free and accurate.

Retaining Wall Repair

When installed correctly, these holding walls should last for a very long time with minimal maintenance.  However, many older homes have old retaining walls that were not done very well back in the day.  If you have a retaining wall there are ways to check for signs that it needs repair:

✔ Wall tilting of collapsing
✔ Cracks in the wall
✔ Blocks separating
✔ Retaining Wall crumbling

If you see any of the above problems, contact us as soon as possible.  We can evaluate the situation and fix a retaining wall quickly before any further damage occurs.

Permits for Retaining Walls in Seattle

The City of Seattle only requires a permit to build a retaining wall higher than 1.2 meters or 3.9 ft. In these cases it needs to be designed and signed off by a geotechnical and structural engineer.You will need a sewer permit if you plan to install drainage behind the wall and further connect it to the sewer. Always ensure that you know your property limits to nock build the wall in your neighbor’s property.

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