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If your concrete is damaged or worn you can look into concrete resurfacing in Seattle. Although concrete is one of the most durable types of flooring that exists, it also can get damaged. Thin about it, it can easily handle furniture, walking with high heels, even driving your car on it. With time however, everything wears out. Concrete is no exception, and especially if your concrete is outside in Seattle, it will age and deteriorate due to the weather.

If your concrete flooring gets damaged or worn, you really have only 2 options: Either you demolish and recreate the floor; or you can resurface the old concrete and make it look like new. You can resurface any type such as stamped concretestained concreteconcrete slab, or even polished concrete floors.

Concrete flooring is already cost effective, but if you don’t want to recreate your existing floor, resurfacing is a good option to make your older floor just like new.


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This picture shows concrete resurfacing Seattle
this picture shows concrete resurfacing Seattle

Residencial and Commercial Concrete Resurfacing

Seattle Concrete Pros can help you with residential and commercial concrete resurfacing in Seattle. Resurfacing concrete is great when fixing superficial cracks, discoloring, and minor chipping or spalling. Interestingly, the material used to resurface concrete isn’t actually concrete, but has very similar properties. It will adhere to the concrete and will look and feel just like it. You will not be able to make a concrete slab out of resurfacing material though!

When resurfacing, possibly the hardest aspect is to recreate the finish of the original product. The concrete color, texture, and shape can all be changed when applying a resurfacing material. If not done properly, it will be very obvious which areas were retouched. If you want your project to not show these inconsistencies, it is a good idea to hire a professional like Concrete Seattle Pros for your resurfacing or other concrete projects.

Resurfacing is not able to fix everything. Resurfacing material will only be as good as the foundation allows it to be. Deep cracks and soft concrete are some of the examples where resurfacing will not be a permanent solution.

If you are unsure if resurfacing is the best option for your property, let our expert Seattle concrete contractors take a look at it for you. We will assess the problem, find any weak points, and identify any cause of failure if applicable. There are many tricks of the trade of fixing and building with concrete. Please call us for your free quote today.

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