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You may need a concrete slab in order to complete you project in Seattle. A concrete slab is one of the foundations to all concrete. It is normally a rectangular piece of concrete that can be used as flooring or even a wall or support structure.

Concrete slabs can be poured and created on site or prefabricated and brought to you. Depending on the structure being built, it may need to be reinforced with steel. If used for flooring, it can be designed to have color added or stamped designs.

Common uses of a Concrete Slab in Seattle:

Patio floors
✔ Retaining walls
✔ Garage floor
✔ Driveways
✔ Sidewalk

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If you need concrete slab contractors in Seattle you are likely working on a project such as patios, retaining walls, garage floor, driveways, or a sidewalk. You can trust that our contractors are experience in all of the above and can help you from start to finish.

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Add a Design to Your Concrete Slabs

If you want to add color or a design to make your slab pop there are many options. We can either add color for staining concrete, or we can use stamping concrete designs. For garages and commercial spaces, Seattle concrete polishing seems to be the favorite. You will be surprised how much a designed floor can do for a small patio or driveway, for example. Call us today for any of these services, including, a free quote!

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