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We’ve all heard of granite and quartz counters, but have you ever heard of a concrete counter? Thanks to reality stars Joanna and Chip Gaines from HGTV, it is growing in popularity. If you are looking for a rustic and or contemporary/modern look, the concrete counter may be just for you! Our team of concrete countertop contractors in Seattle area can help you with ideas, free estimates, and quality lasting work!

Why Choose Concrete Counters?

  • Difficult to Damage – Cement is very durable. Normal drops and spills onto your counter will not damage it. The counter can take a lot of heat too. Just to play it safe though, it is not recommended that you cut directly onto it.
  • Long Life – Very similar to durability, a concrete counter will last a lot longer than many other types of counters out there. It won’t be as affordable as a laminate or wooden counter, but when longevity is considered, it could be very comparable.
  • Stain Resistant – If you keep your counter properly sealed, liquid, wine, oil, will all be easy to clean. To remain sealed, it’s important to constantly reapply the sealant every 1-3 years.
  • Moldable – Since concrete needs to be created from a viscous material, it can be molded into any desirable shape. Keep this in mind when designing your kitchen space.

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Concrete Countertops for Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

This picture shows

Use concrete island counter to add a trendy style to your kitchen. You can add staining for color.

This picture shows Seattle concrete countertops for BBQ or outdoor kitchen

Add value to your Seattle patio with a trendy outdoor BBQ using concrete countertops

This picture shows a kitchen with concrete countertops Seattle. Modern Design and Style.

Concrete gives you options from modern to contemporary!

Our Process

Hire a Professional to Install a Concrete Counter

Concrete counters are relatively expensive when compared to other counter tops. This is because there are many intricate steps involved with creating a perfect countertop. Whether you are able to pour and mold your own concrete, consider these reasons why hiring a professional mason is a good idea:

  • Design – This is the most important part of your counter. Without design, you are only stuck with the typical gray concrete counter. Using concrete staining methods and or dyes, we have the ability to add color to your counter. If shape is important, rounded edges or even non rectangular shapes can be added into your concrete counter. Let us know your design preferences when designing your counter.
  • Measurements – It is very easy to make a mistake on your counter size when you are making it by yourself. It is very different compared with other counter materials that are cut from bigger materials. We have a lot of experience ensuring your counter is the exact size that’s needed.
  • Reduced Chance for Damage – There are so many ways your counter can become damaged before you even use it. If the slab isn’t level, it can easily crack. If the sealant is incorrect, it can become soft or stain easily. If polished poorly, your counter may feel rough or have areas of imperfections. Hiring a professional will minimize all of these issues.
  • Delivery and Installation – The delivery to your home is the most likely time your counter will break or be damaged. Our team will guarantee your counter’s safety as it gets to your home when prefabricated. Building the counter at your location is also an option if time allows. Please allow for at least 3 weeks for the counter to cure if using this option.

Still have questions? Ready to begin designing your own concrete counter? Contact Concrete Seattle Pros for all needs! If you are in doubt, check out how we install concrete staining, or stamped concrete in Seattle.

How to Maintain a Concrete Counter

Everything wears with time despite the durability. If you’re not careful, improper use will make your counter show its age. Use these quick tips to maximize the life and enjoyment of your concrete counter:

  • Sealant Application: The purpose to use a sealant is to prevent moisture and food from getting into the pores of the concrete. The main reason a concrete counter can get stains is due to poor or missing sealant. If your counter gets stained, it is very difficult to get rid of it! Reapply sealant every 1-3 years and clean all immediately.
  • Use Your Cutting Board: Just because your counter is made of stone make it impervious! Even other stone counters can show cut marks when cutting directly onto it. Using a cutting board will reduce all chances of cut marks. Cutting directly on your counters can also damage your level of sealant. If this happens, the chances for stains, discoloration, and damage increase.
  • Should you see crack or damage to your counter, contact our concrete resurfacing contractors to avoid any further damage.


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