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Are you looking for the best concrete contractors in or near Seattle? We are an experienced crew who are dedicated to building high-quality projects to meet the expectations of our customers. We are highly qualified in residential and commercial concrete projects. Our team serves the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Kirkland, Redmond, Kent, Seatac, and more.

Concrete is one of the most versatile and durable materials in the market to build floors, foundations, and even concrete counters. Think about it, it is what millions of cars drive on every day! For your residence, you may want to consider using concrete to create a patio or a driveway, stained or stamped concrete to add a design to your floor, or a retaining wall if your home is on an incline. Although concrete should last you a long time, it will off course crack eventually. If you need Seattle concrete repair, resurfacing, or polishing you can be sure we are the right people to contact!

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Our Concrete Services

Construction and Decorative Concrete

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You may be on the fence between asphalt or concrete paving in Seattle. Concrete’s durability and option for decorative designs ends up being the most common choice of Seattle homeowners. Some prefer standard concrete slabs; others go with the stained or stamped concrete.

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Patios are great extensions of your house. For patio contractors Seattle we can install stamped and stained concrete with great quality and durability. Get more value and function out of your home with beautiful and affordable patio installation.

This picture shows beautiful stamped concrete in Seattle. Brown color with design appears stone but is stamped concrete.

Stamped concrete

Go with the standard concrete look or get creative with the amazing stamped concrete Seattle designs you can choose from. Stamping basically adds live to your Seattle deck, walkways, and patios. It can also be used indoors. Did you know that stamped concrete has significant less maintenance than brick and stone?

This picture shows concrete staining in Seattle. Orange and brown/red colors with pattern and design.

Concrete Staining

If you are questioning what floor you should use in your garage, concrete staining Seattle is a great option. That is because the coating can help to protect the actual concrete from the impact (such as a car). The same goes for any place with heavy machinery such as commercial workplaces.

This picture shows concrete walkways and steps in Seattle. Steps go to the house up the hill with beautiful landscape around.

Decorative Concrete, Stairs, Walkways

Decorative concrete for your hardscape and walkways. Concrete is able of amazing designs to add personality to your home. It is affordable, though, and easy to maintain. We can also do steps and stairs for even more beautiful designs.

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Concrete Repair

Concrete can crack by heavy rainfall, moisture, and rapid changes in temperature which can cause the concrete to expand or contract. As you can imagine, concrete repair Seattle may be needed mostly due to heavy rainfalls. Restoring cracks and fissures is easy and should be done as soon as you notice them to prevent further damage.

This picture shows concrete polishing in Seattle. Floor looks bright and shiny. Seems granite but it is polished concrete.

Concrete Polishing and Resurfacing

Deciding between concrete polishing and resurfacing can be tricky. Basically, it comes down to the condition of your floor. If your floor has major flaws such as spalled areas and needs extensive patchwork, it may be a candidate for concrete resurfacing Seattle.

This picture shows retaining wall contractors in Seattle. The retaining walls are designer to have flowers and bushes.

Retaining Walls

Is your home located on an incline or hill? We often do a concrete block retaining wall in Seattle homes to keep a home safe, accessible, and stylish at the same time.

This picture shows concrete countertops in Seattle kitchen

Concrete Countertops

Concrete can assume different forms, shapes, and designs. At the same time it is very durable which makes it great for countertops. We see an increased demand for concrete countertops Seattle for kitchens, bathrooms, and BBQ areas. Commercial concrete countertops are also popular currently.

This picture shows our Seattle driveway contractors building a driveway up the hill to a house. Driveway is surrounded by beautiful flowers and bushes

Seattle Driveway Contractor

One of the typical daily calls we receive is for concrete driveways and patios. Our Seattle driveway contractors are experienced and available to give you all the options you have for paving. For example some people like the gray look of the concrete. Others like to decorative concrete such as stained or stamped concrete for their patio.

This picture shows commercial concrete contractors in Seattle. They are laying concrete for a walkway

Commercial Concrete Contractors Seattle

Our contractors are experienced in commercial concrete in Seattle. Commercial businesses in the area hire us for any of the above described concrete work. Even for commercial, we have worked with all budgets and dimensions of businesses. From a concrete pavement and sidewalk around a small store to decks in hotels.

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About Us

Our concrete contractors Seattle have been helping families with their hardscape needs for many years. From a simple driveway to the most amazing patio, we work with anyone and any budget. We love the challenge of making something original and make it pop. In fact, whatever your budget, we strive to stretch it to the maximum quality of work, creativity, and material we can. Thank you to the Seattle community for their continuing to trust us as one of the most reputable concrete companies in Seattle and surrounding areas!

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How We Work

First, we need to find out about your project. What is it that you need, and what is it that you want? Contact to us via de quote form or call us directly to discuss your plans and get some answers to your concerns. After so many years in business, we have realized that some customers have an idea of what they want but not necessarily know what is possible and available. This is where we take the time to educate our customers and ensure that they are aware of all possibilities.

 Educating our Customers for the Best Results and Satisfaction Guaranteed

For example, are your looking forward to some quality time in your patio, host some parties for family and friends, and even some weekend BBQs? Maybe all you need is to add a walkway to be sure people (especially the kids) don’t damage your beautiful garden and drag dirt everywhere. Do you care for a stamped design? In like manner, you may need paving for a driveway. Again, does design matter or you just needs the function? The possibilities are endless that is why we like to discuss them with our customers to make sure they are as happy with their results today as 10 years from now.

Second, it is time to add it all and generate a precise and non-obligation quote of our full service. Unless you know exactly what you want, we may visit to your property for measurements and final details to avoid discrepancies. We pride ourselves for our transparency and honesty. Each quote is accurate and estimates the cost of the whole project including the cost of labor and concrete in Seattle. Likewise, we will give you an estimate for how long it will take for the project to be completed. Once in agreement, we are ready to start building! Are you ready? Call us today!

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Thank you to the local community for helping us grow into one of the most reputable contractors in Seattle. We can’t wait to help to build your project. 

Areas We Serve

Top Concrete Contractors Seattle and Nearby Cities


Although our contractors are located in Seattle, we often get calls from cities near Seattle too. We are happy to serve customers in Seattle’s surrounding cities. Below is a list of cities we commonly provide services for people looking for:

Concrete contractors Bellevue WA
Concrete contractors Kent WA
Concrete contractors Maple Valley WA
Concrete contractors Covington WA
Concrete contractors Newcastle WA
Concrete contractors Mercer Island WA
Concrete contractors Seattle WA

We specialize in concrete projects for Seattle and the above surrounding cities. Our team is creative, experienced, and genuinely enjoys educating our customers about the possibilities and designs we can create. Often times, our customers end up opting for some changes to their original ideas after discussing what they genuinely want and need. Once our projects are completed, people have showed so much appreciation and value to our patio and driveway contractors and their ability to tailor the work to them as a family. As you may imagine, most people only know what they see from magazines and other homes. As an experienced concrete company in Seattle, we take the time to ensure the best satisfaction to our clients and are proud of continuing to do so! More on the web.

Lastly, we have many returning customers and continued referrals based on our outstanding service, quality of materials we use, and affordable cost. Our Seattle concrete contractors work hard to ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee in their services. For concrete contractorconcrete services, and driveway replacement outside of Seattle, ask us about our friends and recommendations of reputable partners.